You may be unfamiliar with Conceptual Photography, I was too until just recently!  Conceptual Photography produces a type of image that tells some sort of story. It may be obvious, like recreating a classic fairy tale. Or, it may just be a thought or emotion you want to express.

You may notice there are more self-portraits in this section. There are a couple reasons for this, one of which is that it’s easier to just use myself as a model! Also, much like a musician may want to write and sing their own music, it’s fun to be involved in the whole picture as it were! However, sometimes the picture I want to create needs something specific. For example, if I want to shoot something like the Beast from Beauty and the Beast it would probably be best if I had a guy to model for me. ;) But other times I serve just fine as the model and it’s a really wonderful way to express myself. I encourage anyone to give it a try!

The first photographer I met that really exposed me to this type of art was Caitlin O'Brien who is a simply amazing artist (Kait's Photography) and from there I met other great Photographers who also do Conceptual Photography like Slavs Photography, Tyler Rayburn // Photographer and Mae I Design and Photography. I also find great inspiration from artists like Brooke Shaden Photography, Savannah Kate Photography Niall Scanlon Photography and Joel Robison Photography (of course there are many more artists, but I can't name them all). 

My goal through all of these types of pictures is to expand my creative skills and tell a story in a new way and to create the kind of world I wish I could live in: where fairy tales come to life, flying is totally possible and there is just a little more magic in the air. 


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